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Hard Surface Floor Care

Depending on the traffic you see, your floors can take a beating. Tile floors can show a great return on investment if cared for properly and treated with a routine maintenance schedule. And with the proper care they will keep a beautiful shine and give your property a clean appearance.

Cleaning Schedule

Asbestos tile and Vinyl Composition tile floors need to be scrubbed monthly and stripped and waxed once a quarter, on average. Icon can work with your property managers or maintenance staff to determine what cleaning schedule is right for you. We use safe chemicals and waxes designed to fit into your LEED requirements for Green Energy Compliance.

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LEED Cleaning Standards

Is your building looking to obtain a LEED certification in Green Energy compliance? If so visit our section on LEED Cleaning Standards.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of work you have received or the conduct of our trained staff we will remedy the situation immediately at no extra cost to you. This is our promise and pledge to our valued customers.